Fitting at Circuit

All tyres bought from ourselves will be fit F.O.C to loose wheels at the trackday you are attending.

We offer a "fit to bike" service in which we will remove the wheels from your bike, fit the tyres that you have bought from ourselves and then fit the wheels back onto the bike. This service will incur an additional charge which will be discussed on the trackday. The reason we do not have a set price for this, is because some bikes are relatively simple to remove their wheels. Whereas other bikes can be rather complicated and therefore can take more time. 

What if I'm not attending a trackday, but I would still like tyres fitted to my bike or loose wheels? 

Trackdays around the UK are all free entry. So if you are near a track that we are attending a trackday as the service provider and would like some tyres fitted, you are more than welcome to buy the tyres from us and get the tyres fitted at the trackday. The exact same terms will apply.