Tyre Guide

UK Trackdays

We are now getting to the much colder months of track activity now. (unless you are lucky enough to be going to a EU Trackday without having to quarantine). 

So tyre choice is incredibly important. The mornings are becoming much colder, even though midday temperatures are still reaching near 20 degrees. 

During this time many people fall into the trap of "if the sun is out, the track will definitely be warm". This is false. Air temperature plays a much more vital role than just the sun being out. 

So as the days start to become cooler it could be worth hanging up those slick tyres and start looking at some treaded options which will aid with creating and keeping heat in. 


Some good treaded alternatives: 

Novice-Lower Intermediate riders:

If you're a novice rider or have just moved into the intermediate group, road-trackday tyres could be the best option for you. These tyres do not require tyre warmers and are full of a product called "Silica", which is a heating agent designed to generate heat quicker and hold it better. 

  • Dunlop Sportsmart TT
  • Pirelli Supercorsa SP (V2 or V3)
  • Michelin Power 5
  • Michelin Pilot Power 2CT (good for low budget)
  • Avon Xtreme Evo


Mid to high intermediate riders. 

As you start to go a bit quicker, more trackday orientated tyres could be a good option for you. 

  • Dunlop Sportsmart TT (This tyre has be proven to work well for novice riders up to fast intermediate riders, with it's fast heatig tyres and race feel they work perfectly for many levels of rider) All these tyres work well with or without tyre warmers. 
  • Michelin Power GP
  • Pirelli Supercorsa SP V3
  • Dunlop D212GP Racer (recommended with tyre warmers)
  • Continental Race Attack Endurance Compound


Fast group

Now we are at the pace where you will be able to keep good levels of heat in the tyres because of your pace. But the conditions will still hinder you a little bit. So here are the best options for a fast treaded tyre for trackdays (Tyre warmers are 100% recommended for these tyres)

  • Dunlop D212 GP Racer front with D213GP Pro rear
  • Pirelli Supercorsa
  • Continental Race attack (soft and Medium compounds)
  • Metzeler Racetec RR Treaded.



Any questions, please don't hestitate to contact us